Army LCC Test Syllabus & Pattern – LCC Test Preparation

To get ready for the Army Lady Cadet Course (LCC) Test, it’s important to follow the accurate syllabus and test pattern provided. This helps you know exactly what topics to study and how the test will be structured. By sticking to this syllabus and pattern, you can focus your preparation on the right areas. This includes practicing for sections like verbal intelligence, non-verbal intelligence, and academic subjects. Following this guidance increases your chances of doing well in the test and getting ready for the Army LCC.

Army Lady Cadet Test Syllabus

Here is the syllabus of Army LCC test.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test: 86 MCQs (30 minutes to solve this section)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test: 86 MCQs (30 minutes to solve this section)
  • Academic Test: 50 MCQs (25 Minutes to solve this section)

Army LCC Test Pattern

The Army LCC test has three parts:

  1. Verbal Portion
  2. Non-Verbal Portion
  3. Academic Portion

Candidates must pass each part in order. If they pass one part, they can move to the next. But failing any part means failing the whole test. The exam officer will mark the exam slip with a “failed” stamp if a candidate doesn’t pass any section.

Note:- Passing all three parts is necessary to succeed in the test

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How To Prepare LCC Test?

Now the question is How to prepare LCC Test Syllabus As per LCC Test Syllabus. Here is the right answer

To prepare for the LCC Test Syllabus, candidates should focus on practicing for the Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests, as many are unfamiliar with these sections. Approximately 70% of candidates struggle to pass these parts of the LCC Test. To practice effectively for these tests, acquiring the ARMY LCC BOOK is recommended. This book covers all three portions of the test, providing sample practice materials for better preparation.

LCC Online Test Preparation

The Army Lady Cadet Course Test happens on a computer and includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs). You have to solve these questions one by one, and if you’re not sure about an answer, you can skip it. To get ready for this test, it’s a good idea to practice online. Taberr.Com.PK has an LCC Online Test Preparation Course that follows the LCC test syllabus. This online course has lots of MCQs that come up every year. If you want to buy this useful LCC Online Course, please contact us or click the button below

Army LCC Course


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