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Registration of the Pakistan Military Academy PMA Long Course takes place twice a year. Educational Qualification Intermediate (FA, FSC, ICS, B.COM, DAE, or equivalent) to become an officer in the Pakistan Army. The age limit ranges from 17 to 21 years (it is possible to apply age relaxation on certain conditions).

Students can apply online for PMA Long Course registration at the official website of the Pakistan Army ( Before registration check the Eligibility Criteria of the PMA Long Course. Here are PMA Long Course Registration Dates for the year 2023.

PMA Long Course Registration Date

Registration for PMA Long Course starts on the following dates

  • Phase I PMA Long Course Registration Date: April 15, 2024, To 25 May 2024 (closed Now)
  • Phase II PMA Long Course registration start date is 04 October 2024 and PMA Long Course registration end date is 06 November 2024 (coming Soon)

Note:- PMA Long Course Confirm Registration Date may be changed each year. But usually, Registration Starts in May-June & October-November each year.

How To Join Pakistan Army Through PMA Long Course?

The eligibility and qualification criteria for joining the Pakistan Army may be different for each Army course, branch, and corps. That is, the PMA Long Course has different standards for commissioned officers as compared to the joining process of the general duty pilot branch of the Pakistan Air Force, Army Medical Corps, Engineering Branch, or Short Service Regular Commission and the criteria for Joining of soldiers are different.

We explain in detail the eligibility criteria for the Pakistan Military Academy PMA Long Course for the patriotic and brave jawans who want to be the custodians of their holy land and get the commission as a second lieutenant in the Pakistan Army. You can ask any questions in the below comment section or you can also contact us by email or on our social media channels for further guidance.

PMA Long Course Complete Joining Procedure is as given below. Follow all steps accordingly.

PMA Long Course Requirements For Registration

All citizens of all regions and creeds are eligible for PMA Long Course. They’ll be eligible if they meet the following criteria and conditions for joining the Pakistan Army through PMA Long Course

  • Nationality:
    • Citizens of Pakistan
    • residents of Azad Kashmir
    • citizens of State Class 1.
  • Gender:
    • Only Male Candidates can apply for PMA Long Course.
    • Commission starts as 2nd lieutenant.

Note:- Women can apply in other courses and branches of the Pakistan Army. In some branches, both men and women are accepted. Both male and female candidates are accepted as,

  • Army Medical Corps doctors
  • Engineering corps engineers,
  • IT branch,
  • Software engineers,
  • Administration officers
  • Education Branch
  • Teaching staff
  • Psychologists

Similarly,  AFNS is the only course in which only women are eligible to apply for nursing staff.

Keep in Touch with TABEER ACADEMY  for the latest official advertisement of all kinds of PAK Army, PAK Navy, or PAF. Read Registration and joining instructions.

Age Requirements To Join Pakistan Army PMA Long Course

  • The age limit for citizens of Pakistan is 17-22 years
  • Having qualifications (FA, FSc, ICS,) intermediate or equivalent is 17-22 years.
  • With two years graduate degrees is 17-23 years
  • With a 4-year graduate degree is 17-24 years
  • Present service persons of Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy is 17-23 years
  • Present service persons of the Pakistan Army are 17-25 years.

Note:- The maximum relaxation of both maximum & minimum age limits is a maximum of 3 months. If a candidate wants to apply for PMA Long Course, he may get up to 3 months of relaxation within the upper or lower age limits.

  • Height
    Minimum height 5 feet and 4 inches
  • Marital status:
    • Only unmarried citizens are eligible.
    • Married/Unmarried service personnel present from 17-19 of the armed forces Both married or unmarried are eligible if the age is 20 or more.

Required Qualification:

The educational need is variable as per the details of the course described here. We request you to read all the requirements and details fully carefully. Remember for eligibility there are many options available.

  1. Intermediate or equivalent FA, FSC, ICS, and ICOM have at least 60% marks. But those who score up to 50% in intermediate are also eligible if they score 60% marks in graduation degree.
  2. Candidates having domicile from the following specific areas are also eligible with at least 55% marks in intermediate or equivalent examinations
    • Gilgit and Baltistan
    • Neelam district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
    • K.P.K. District Kohistan, Chitral, Dir, Balakot Tehsil, Kagan, Naran of Mansehra District.
    • In Sindh “Tharparkar and Umarkot”
    • DG Khan Division District Rajanpur
    • From Punjab Province area of Draz Fort, Cholistan Desert, Danggarh Mojgarh.
  3. The present service of the Pakistan Army is eligible with 50% marks in the Military Intermediate or equivalent examinations.
  4. Candidates with strong expectations of more than 60% marks in the intermediate examination can also apply on the basis of a hope certificate, but they must have at least 60% marks in part one of the intermediate.

Joining Procedure of PMA Long Course

  1. PMA Long Course Online Registration:
    1st step registration. For registration visit during the PMA Long course Registration schedule.
  2. Download Registration Slip of PMA Long Course Initial Test:
    After successful registration download the Registration slip and check the test date and time (If the test date and time are not mentioned on the registration slip, Re-generate the slip after 3-5 days Test time and date will be updated after 3-5 days)
  3. Preparation Of PMA Long Course:
    To succeed in PMA Initial Test start preparation. Check PMA Test Pattern (PMA Syllabus for initial test and interview). PMA Test Preparation Guide with complete PMA Test Pattern is given at the end of this article
  4. PMA Long Course Initial Medical:
    Candidates who pass the initial test will undergo a Medical Examination at the Army Selection Center. Also measurements of chest and height.
  5. Physical Test:
    Physical Test includes Running 1.6 KM (cover within 8 minutes), Chin Ups, Push Ups, and Dich crossing.
  6. Initial Interview:
    Interview at Army Selection Center.
  7. ISSB:
    The shortlisted candidates will receive the ISSB Call later.
    • NOTE:- The selection through ISSB is done based on a five-day test procedure to check the eligibility, qualifications, and personality of the candidate.  These tests of candidates are held in one of the four centers i.e. Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta, and Maler Centres.
  8. Final Medical:
    ISSB Recommended candidates will receive a final medical examination later which will be at the nearest CMH
  9. Joining Letter:
    Selected candidates will receive the final Joining letter and will have to report on the mentioned date and time at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

PMA Long Course Training Duration

The PMA long course duration is usually 2 years but can be prolonged or reduced depending on specific requirements and specific conditions.

Ineligibility to join PMA Long Course

Anyone who does not meet the given above criteria or has any of the following issues is ineligible for joining the PMA Long Course. However, in some courses, he/she may be eligible depending upon course requirements and conditions.

Ineligibility conditions for PMA Long Course are as follows:

  • Who has been declared medically unfit by  (AMB) | appeal medical board | or by a military hospital or
  • A Person/Candidate who once successfully entered any Armed Forces Service (Army, Navy, and Air Force) but then left the service at any stage.
  • Who has been dismissed from any academy/institute on the basis of discipline, bad character, weak profile, professional incompetence, medical problem, or disqualified for any other reason.
  • A Person/Candidate who has been terminated/dismissed from the service of another government/semi-government organization.
  • A Candidate who has been convicted by the court and law of indulging in moral backwardness.

TABEER ACADEMY will continue to update this article for more information and details. You can ask questions in the comments or on our social media contacts. We are here for your guidance.

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