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Join PAK Army in our country is considered an honor and the first wish of every youth is to join the forces of Pakistan and call them martyrs or ghazi. Our army is undoubtedly one of the best forces in the world and it has proved its mettle all over the world. Our earth has been creating and will continue to produce sons who are living and fighting storms. The primary function of an individual from any field of the army is to defend the country.

Young people who wish to Join PAK Army should remember that military life is not a flower sage. On the one hand, it gives honor, greatness, and dignity, on the other hand, it also demands dignity and hard work. In time, his officers and young men stand on the borders as rocks, and their aim is to destroy the enemy. This path is the path to success. If you live, then ghazi and martyr are always right to join the ranks of those who live.

How To Join PAK Army?

Pakistan’s armed forces may include citizens of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Candidates should be unmarried at the time of the announcement of admission to the PMA Long Course, but this is not a ban for the present service persons of the Armed Forces.

After the admission to the PMA Long Course is announced, the candidate has to appear at one of the recruitment offices of the PAK Army with his educational credentials. The candidates are tested in writing for their initial intelligence at the Army Recruiting and Selection Centre. The candidates concerned who have passed the preliminary examinations and medical examination are given the application form, which is to be filled up and submitted to the concerned centre within two to three days.

The list of successful candidates sent from the Army Selection and Recruiting Centre is compiled in GHQ along with matriculation/inter marks of candidates and eligible candidates are called for examination and interview in ISSB. Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB) is a very crucial part of Join Pak Army.

Candidates have detailed medical examinations at a nearby military hospital before or after ISSB. Issb centers are in Kohat, Gujranwala, and Karachi. The list of successful candidates appearing in the ISSB is compiled at the general headquarters. Candidates who fail at this stage are informed.

Join Pakistan Army

Commissioner Officer Eligibility Criteria Details

To Join Pak Army as a commissioned officer a candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age should not be less than 17 years and not more than 22 years
  • Height up to five feet four inches
  • For candidates who are working in the Pakistan Army, the age ranges from 17 years to 26 years


  • Candidate has minimum education FA or FSC

Eligibility Criteria for Soldier

Eligibility criteria to Join the PAK Army as a soldier is given below:

  • Height up to 5 feet 6 inches
  • Age should be 17 years to 23 years


  • Matric with minimum 2nd division

For recruitment of clerks and sweepers

Pakistan Army are offer job for clerks and sweepers. The eligibility criteria for these posts is given below:

  • Height up to 5 feet 3 inches
  • For military policemen, the height is up to 5 feet 8 inches
  • Qualification as Matric (minimum 2nd division)

For sweeper and sanitary worker

  • Age limit ranges from 17 years to 35 years
  • And be up to 5 feet 3 inches tall

Join PAK Army Technical Cadet Course

The youth doing FSC can also get a commission through a technical cadet scheme. Under this scheme, FSc in pre-engineering, who have scored at least 60% marks including NCC, are eligible to apply. Application forms can be obtained from Army Selection Centres or they can apply online at

Visit For Complete Procedure:- PAK Army Technical Cadet Course

After checking the applications, an examination is conducted in FSC-level physics, chemistry, and calculation which is held in Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Hyderabad, Karachi, and Quetta. Successful candidates are called for ISSB. From here, successful candidates present themselves for medical examination at a nearby military hospital, then the final list is prepared. Failed candidates can be considered for the LONG COURSE of PMA.

Students pursuing FSC in pre-medical who have secured at least 65% marks and who are at least 17 years of age can apply for MBBS in Army Medical College, on being selected, are given MBBS course at Army Medical College for five years, on completion of which they go to Army Medical Corps Centre for ten weeks, Where they are given pure military training. On completion of training, they get a commission and join pak army as a captain.

For Registration:- Army Medical College Admission 2024

Pakistan Military Academy PMA ” Kakol “

Pakistan Military Academy Kakol is a training ground for officers selected for the Pakistan army. Young people who are successful with the inter-services selection board (ISSB) are admitted to PMA for training. Months and years of PMA are unforgettable experiences of life. The training is imparted to a young man from a city or village in Pakistan in such a way that he leaves as an “army officer”.

Everyday life in PMA begins early in the morning. Physical exercise is done, run, shot, shot with a G3 rifle for hours before the sun. There are miles of foot marches and frequent days and nights, combat measures, camping, and patrolling exercises. It is a very hard life but not impossible.

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After going through a difficult stage of rigorous cadet training, the stars glow on the shoulder of a young man in military uniform, who is the payam of many future stars. These young officers become examples in society and inspire the youth to join Pak army and serve the nation.

These officers go through a tough stage of training. This training awakens the mind, burns the talent, and creates the required quality of the army officer by making the body chalk-tight and agile. A new sense of self-confidence among young people is unreliable, and the ability to accept responsibilities and successfully take office.

During education and training in PMA, the cadet is given a reasonable stipend, his accommodation, food, education, treatment, and clothing are free. After completing B.A or B.Sc from PMA, if the candidate has the desire and ability, he also gets a chance to higher education at home and abroad.

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Female Candidates Can Join PAK Army

Thousands of women have been serving in the Pakistani armed forces since the establishment of Pakistan. In 2006, the first batch of women fighter pilots joined the Combat Air Mission Command of the Pakistan Air Force. The number of female pilot fighters of The Pakistan Air Force has increased in recent years.

In the Pakistan Navy, women are hired in military logistics, staff development, and senior administrative offices in local and headquarters. In addition, women are serving in many areas of the Pakistan Army, including a contingent of women parachutes. Appreciating the services of women in the Pakistan Army,

Young girls also develop a passion for joining Pak Army, Navy, and Air Force. The number of female cadets in cadet women’s colleges is increasing. Even a student of Mardan Cadet School has a dream to become chief of army staff.

Joining the Tehreek-e-Pakistan MovementIn the early days of 1930 and 1940, the Muslim women who played a very important role in the success of the Tehreek-e-Pakistan movement had the same slogan that it was impossible to achieve Pakistan without the services of women. That is why at the front of the line we see Begum Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar.

After the establishment of Pakistan, Mother Milat Fatima Jinnah, Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan, and Shirin Jinnah played an important role in the welfare of the country. A woman is a mother and no one can take care of the sons of the country more than the mother.

Females Can Join:- Army Lady Cadet Course 2024

There are many job opportunities for women in Pakistan’s armed forces, including the Pakistan Navy, the Pakistan Air Force, and the Pakistan Army.

 Pakistan Air Force

 Aeronautical Engineers

Women can join Pakistan Air Force through the CAE course. The course is 4 years, a 2-year activation cadet and a 2-year pilot officer course is conducted at Pakistan Air Force Academy, Rasalpur.

 General Duty Pilot

Women can join Pakistan Air Force through the GDP course. The training is 4 years, 2 years activation cadet, and 2-year officer course. The candidate must have secured 60% marks in the first division and FSC pre-medical or pre-engineering in matriculation.

 Teachers in Pakistan Air Force

Women can join the Pakistan air force as teachers. There are many job opportunities for women in Pakistan Air Force schools.

Department of Air Traffic

Women can also join the Air Traffic Controlling Department to join the Pakistan Air Force. For which special training is given.

As Flight Lieutenant

 Women can join Pakistan Air Force as a pilot and flight lieutenant. This training is given after the test.

 Pakistan Army

Women Soldiers

 Women can join PAK Army as soldiers.

 Nursing Cadet

Women can join PAK Army as nursing cadets. This requires a nursing and midwifery diploma and a B.Sc. education in nursing. The age limit for this post ranges from 21 to 28 years.

Check Procedure:- AFNS Online Registration Form

Women Captain

Women can join PAK Army as women through Captain Short Direct Service Commission. The post must have a bachelor’s in civil engineering, architectural engineering, and town planning.

Computer Specialist Officer

 Women can join PAK Army as computer specialist officers through a short direct service commission. This requires a BSc in engineering, bachelor’s in electrical/telecommunications/computer software/computer system education.

 Clinical Psychologist

Women can join PAK Army as women clinical psychologists through a short direct service commission. This requires a 1-year diploma in M.Sc. and Clinical Psychology.

Pakistan Navy


Women candidates can join the Pakistan Navy as a lawyer.

Computer Programmer

Pakistani women in the age groups of 20 to 30 years can join the Program as computer programmers in the Pakistan Navy. This requires a degree in computer science, software engineering, information technology, or computer technology.

 Education branch

Pakistani women who are not more than 28 years of age can apply to the Education Branch in the Pakistan Navy. For this, M. Education in A/M.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Islamic Studies, English, and Urdu must be there.

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Voluntary Services

Pakistan’s first lady Pakistan Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan established a women’s voluntary service department in October 1948 to provide treatment and food to prisoners injured in the first Indo-Pak war on Kashmir. The department was in the long run to establish a women-based Pakistan Army Corps of Medical, where women were trained in combat, but such efforts were rejected by General Frank Mesuri.

In 1949 Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan independently established her unit Pakistan Army Women National Guard (WNG) with a limited course of combat exercises. The first General Officer of the unit was the Commanding and Chief Controller, Brigadier along with Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan.

Promotions, Posts

In 2002 Shahida Malik was promoted to the post of Major General. She was the first female Major General of Pakistan. The second woman was Shahida Badshah, who was promoted to major general, while the third woman major general was awarded by Brigadier Writer Johar, who was promoted in 2017, from the Army Medical Corps. Lt Col Shahida Akram Bhargarhi of Pakistan Army Medical Corps is the first female doctor from Sindh to join PAK Army.

There are a lot of opportunities for females to join the Pak army and get promotions in that field. The Pakistan Army is one of the most prestigious army. It’s a dream of every young female to join Pakistan Army and serve the nation.

Women’s Jobs In Pakistan Armed Forces

Due to increasing need and manpower shortage on the battlefield, Women are allowed to join PAK Army. Women are allowed to participate in the fields of medicine and engineering. Historically, the role of women in the Pakistani army has been limited to various technical and administrative issues, but since 2004, a series of combat training has been started for women, mainly aimed at protecting themselves in troubled areas. Women who are posted in high positions usually participate in medical operation planning.

On July 14, 2013, 24 female officers in the Pakistan Army, mostly doctors and software engineers, started a new chapter in the history of the Army by completing a course in paratroopers from parachute training school.

Women in Pakistan Air Force

In 2003, Pakistan Air Force selected women for training as fighter pilots. In 2006, the first batch of women fighter pilots was developed in the Pakistan Air Force. They have also been trained to fly an F7 fighter jet.

Women in the Pakistan Air Force are also running the Pakistan Air Force Women’s Association (PAFWA), a women’s organization, to attract girls to join the Pakistan Air Force as fighter pilots, as well as to take care of the health of women working in the Pakistan Air Force. Maryam Mukhtar, 22, was the first fighter pilot to be killed in an aircraft accident near Mayanwali on November 24, 2015.

Women’s In Pakistan Army

The official video of ISPR ‘Sisters in Arms ‘Sisters in the Army’, shows women posted in various fields of The Pakistan Army on how they are playing an important role in the country’s defense sector.

The first part of the sisters in Arms’ video depicts military women as ordinary women who are in charge of the affairs, while the second part shows the same women wearing uniforms performing their duties.

These women take on the enemy on the border, from flying a plane as a pilot to being armed with weapons. In a video message, these women officials say that the women of Pakistan are very brave, strong, and hard-living, they have reached these positions by getting rigorous training

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